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FlipN Start

What is the one thing all potential small business owners with diabetes have in common?

They only have potential until they FlipN Start!

Ask any entrepreneur the one thing that they wish they had done sooner rather than later. Each and every one of them will tell you that they wished that they started sooner. The words “I am waiting for” or “I am waiting on,” are nothing more than excuses and a loud statement of your fear. This especially holds extra weight for diabetics. There are countless number of stories written about how a business was started. Some businesses were started with nothing more than an idea written on a napkin and a handshake. It sounds a lot like how Southwest Airlines was rumored to start. Now imagine that you are diabetic and starting an industry’s biggest company on a handshake and a napkin. Scary as all get out, isn’t it? Imagine all the extra questions that you are raising.

In reality, you have nothing to lose. After all you are starting with next to nothing on your next adventure. Yes, that’s right, it is an adventure. When you Flip N Start something new, and have no idea what to expect, it becomes an adventure. Imagine that it is something that is similar to when you were told you had diabetes or having a child for the first time. You have never had a diabetes or a child before. Noone has ever told you how to prevent or manage your diabetes or how to raise a child. All you know is what you have seen from observations and experiences. There isn’t a manual on how to manage your specific case of diabetes or even how to raise the perfect child. Even though many have tried to write one, no one has ever truly become the unquestioned authority on the topics.

What do you do with this disease of yours? How will you know what to do and when to do it? Can you figure out how to manage the business with diabetes through trial and error? Can you start over if you make a mistake, or do you need to continue and fix the error as soon as possible? You see, a business is like having a child. There are tons of books filled with information out there available to you. However, everyone that markets themselves as experts are nothing more than people who have had a business before. Success and failures happen with raising a child, just like owning a business. The only thing that a diabetic entrepreneur can do is work on making the right decisions; and if they are unsure, ask someone who has been there before. Like when you have/had your first child.

Words of Wisdom

The next to last line of the child metaphor provides insight into the right path for startup diabetic entrepreneurs. Ask someone who has been there before. They will have the answers you seek.